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Tennis Challenge With Mats Wilander
Martial Arts Challenge With Oliver Whitcomb
Full Body Yoga Session With Amy Clifford


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Treadmill Workout For Burning Fat


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Wendy Bullock Fitness Instructor
Amy Clifford Fitness Instructor
Lacie Figueiredo Fitness Instructor
Linsey Nelson Fitness Instructor
Lyn Presher Fitness Instructor
Katie Purdy Fitness Instructor
Linda Schultz Fitness Instructor
Oliver Whitchomb Martial Arts Instructor

Gravity Fitness and Tennis is the premiere fitness club in Hailey, Idaho. Our members workout in a spacious and comfortable environment, using the latest equipment to help them with all their fitness goals. With 24 hour access and courteous staff members to greet you, we provide a friendly atmosphere for all. We welcome adults, families, kids, people who are new to fitness and exercise, as well as individuals recovering from injuries. We provide a full spectrum of training including: Personal training, HIIT, Core Movement, Yoga, Funba, Aerial Fitness, Therapeutic Martial Arts, and TRIBE Team Training™. Our tennis area features three courts with excellent playing surfaces and courses from Mats Wilander, former #1 Ranking Tennis Pro.