What’s Important When Choosing A Gym?

Where’s The Best Gym Near Me?

Are you looking for a quality gym for yourself or your family? If you are seeking a gym where you and your entire family can get great exercise all year ’round, then you should stop by Gravity Fitness and Tennis for a tour or call us at (208) 788-7669 for information.

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How Can I Choose The Best Gym Near Me?

Here is information on choosing a high quality gym that will provide you with answers to your questions. A truly excellent gym should be top notch in all areas listed below. We think you will find Gravity Fitness and Tennis is the best gym in Hailey Idaho, as well as Ketchum, Sun Valley, and the entire Wood River Valley area. The following information should help you choose the right gym for you.

What Is A Good Gym Layout?

A great gym has an excellent and obvious flow with a well defined area for each exercise. There needs to be enough space in the gym and it needs to be efficiently utilized. If Social Distancing is necessary the gym should accommodate that need. Every work station or piece of exercise equipment should be well spaced and set up according to usage goals. Free weights should be located in one area, weight machines in another area, and cardio equipment in another area. For the free weight area, there should be mirrors so people working out can check for proper exercise form.

Gravity Fitness And Tennis was designed with an excellent flow pattern and exceeds quality standards for quality gym layout. Our gym equipment is state of the art and exceptionally clean. We have all the gym equipment you require for an excellent workout and exercise experience.

How Can I Find The Fitness Center With The Best Gym Equipment?

A quality gym needs to provide a variety of workout equipment, including free weights, consisting of barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. For serious weight lifters, there needs to be a mix of equipment to train each muscle. There should be equipment for weight training that includes squat/power racks and incline benches, and specialty equipment like weight towers. Weight machines should be available for those who do not or can not use free weights. The fitness gym should provide a variety of weight training machines providing exercise for all muscle groups. You will find the best gym in Hailey Idaho at Gravity Fitness And Tennis because we have a wide variety of modern equipment.

For cardio and leg exercises, a well equipped fitness gym should have treadmills for walking and running, elliptical machines, stair steppers, and bicycle machines. There should be regular bike machines and recumbent bikes for all fitness levels.

The equipment needs to be clean and in top working condition. Gym staff should repair broken equipment rapidly. Floors and equipment should also be cleaned on a regular schedule.

Gravity Fitness And Tennis athletic center has a wide selection of free weights, including barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells in small and large weights. We also feature a complete series of high quality weight machines for a complete muscle workout. We maintain all our equipment to keep our gym in top working order.

Why Is Gym Flooring Important?

Your gym should have proper flooring for optimum workouts and exercise. The flooring should be durable and clean; in a weight room area the floor should have a slight give or resiliency. This will prevent loud noise when weights are placed on the floor. A resilient floor will also prevent people from slipping when exercising. In yoga, martial arts, and other class areas, the floors should be more firm. High quality wood or manufactured wood floors often work best. For exercises that involve running or pushing weight equipment, like a weight sled, the gym should have plenty of space with special manufactured commercial gym carpeting.

Gravity Fitness And Tennis has installed high quality flooring throughout our facility, so each area in the gym has optimum floor covering.

Is Your Gym Open 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week?

A top quality gym offers maximum availability for its members. Ideally, your fitness center and gym should be opened for members 24 hours a day 7 days per week. The gym should be available every day, with possible exceptions for a few holidays, like Christmas and New Years. The gym should be adequately staffed during daytime hours to provide assistance to members, prospective members, and guests.

Gravity Fitness And Tennis is open 24 hour per day 7 days a week, with a few exceptions for holidays. We offer free 24 hour accessibility for all members.

How Can I Find The Cleanest Gym?

When you join a gym, you want it to be clean. An excellent gym will be clean and stay clean with regularly scheduled cleanings and maintenance. Equipment, floors, and locker rooms should be neat, tidy, and free of surface dirt. Cleaning towels and cleaning solutions in spray bottles should be available for wiping down equipment by each person after they finish with that piece of equipment. Weights and training equipment should be stored properly. Free weights, dumbbells, and kettlebells should be returned to their proper storage racks.

Our staff and members keep our gym equipment clean and properly stored at all times. Our entire facility is professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Our gym is not only the best designed gym in the area, it is the cleanest gym in Hailey, Sun Valley, Ketchum, and the Wood Rive Valley area.

What Local Fitness Center Has The Best Gym Safety?

A top quality gym will have the proper layout and equipment to ensure a safe exercise routine. Another serious issue is the overall “health” of your gym. Recent events (Spring 2020) place gym health as a top priority for people using a gym. Your gym should not only appear clean it must provide clean air with an absolute minimum of airborne particles.

Gravity Fitness has installed a state of the art air filtration and air purification system to ensure excellent air quality. This system removes mold, allergens, noxious odors, bacteria, and viruses (including the Coronavirus/COVID-19 virus) at a 99.9% efficiency rating. The air filtration system also removes the same particles from surfaces within the facility. The air filtration and purification system is used in all rooms within the Gravity Fitness And Tennis building. All exercise areas, including weight room, functional fitness room, upstairs class rooms, tennis courts, plus child care area, reception area, and the locker rooms receive filtered air from the filtration and purification system. No other gym in the area can match the air quality of our gym.

What Fitness Club Has Friendly Gym Staff Members?

The staff in your gym need to reflect the goals of the people who use it. The staff needs to be respectful, helpful, and offer assistance orienting people to unfamiliar equipment. Staff members need to understand that each person has different fitness goals, so each person will be using the gym differently from others. The staff should help members understand the rules of the gym without being judgmental. Personal trainers and Class coaches/trainers/instructors are there to teach and help. Trainers should be knowledgeable and have certifications, if available, related to their programs. Trainers and instructors are mentors and will be called upon provide answers to questions from class attendees. Each training program should have a structure so participants know what to expect. Trainers and class attendees should always be respectful of each other.

We staff our gym with friendly and enthusiastic people who are ready to help you in any manner possible so you get the best exercise experience. Our Class and Personal trainers are all fully qualified to teach their classes and individual training sessions. Our gym staff hours are Monday through Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM and Saturday 8:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

Is There A Local Gym With Wheel Chair Accessibility?

An excellent gym will be designed to be accessible for all people, including wheel chair accessibility. If there are stairs to exercise rooms, then the gym should provide an elevator for members and guests in wheel chairs.

Gravity Fitness And Tennis has two levels; the ground floor includes the reception area, child care, the weight room gym, the functional fitness gym area, three indoor tennis courts, and the locker rooms. The upper level is used for class rooms for martial arts classes, Pilates, and other classes. We provide a very wide stairway from the ground floor to the second level and we have a conveniently located elevator from the ground floor level to the second floor level making our gym highly accessible.

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Make Gravity Fitness And Tennis Your Gym

At Gravity Fitness And Tennis, we want our gym to be your gym. We designed the gym area for optimum exercise for all fitness ranges, from advanced athletes to beginners. Our gym design, location, accessibility, membership, and pricing all offer the best fitness gym in the Hailey, Sun Valley, and Wood River Valley area.

For questions about our gym, classes, personal training, child care, pricing, and membership – call us at (208) 788-7669 and we’ll answer all your questions for you.