Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an affordable state of the art training facility that helps as many people as possible optimize their health and performance.

Clean Air and Surfaces

We have installed PHI Technology to address IAQ (indoor air quality) throughout the gym, have done extensive testing on our air quality, and are confident we have the cleanest indoor air anywhere. Clean air and surfaces with no chemicals! This is the future for any indoor place where lots of people conglomerate.

    • Everyone entering the center must remove their street shoes and change into athletic shoes in the outer entryway.
    • Wipe down all equipment you will be using both before and after use.

State Of The Art Gym Equipment

Gravity has state of the art equipment throughout our gym, functional training room, and in our classes. From Matryx, to free weights, and endless functional training equipment, we literally have it all. Our equipment supports safe and effective training methods that support all your exercise needs. Come take a tour and see for yourself!

Please come by or call during our Staffed Hours:
Monday Thursday: 7am to 8pm
Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm
Not Staffed on Sunday

1970 Woodside Blvd. Hailey, Idaho 83333

Gym Pricing table


Three convenient tiers of membership

  1. Basic ($45/month): gym only, 24-hour access
  2. Premium ($70.month):- gym, 24-hour access, Group X classes, One Free InBody Scan per month
  3. Plus ($100/month): Gym, 24-hour access, Group X Classes, One Free InBody Scan per month, PLUS martial arts, tennis, or Tribe Team Training

Best Pricing (based on one year contract)

Basic – $45/month

Premium – $70/month

Plus – $100/month

Flex Membership

Flex memberships are ideal for part time residents as memberships can be “deactivated” when not in town for months at a time.

$8/month and reinstates memberships with no additional costs.
Enrollment Fee: 50 (includes key fob, key tag, 1/2 hour orientation to gym equipment
Annual Fees – $19.95 (Annual fee for upkeep and improvements to our equipment)

Flex Membership Pricing (no contract)

Basic – $55/month

Premium – $80/month

Plus – $130/month

Punch Cards

Punch Cards are also available for Non-Premium/Plus members:

5-Class Punch Card: $85

10-Class Punch Card: $150

Drop In: $20

Guest Passes

Day Pass – $20

Week Pass – $40

Month Pass – $60

Hero’s Passes

Basic – $30/month

Premium – $55/month

Plus – $80/month

In honor of Heroes in our community, Gravity offers Heroes Memberships at a discounted rate to honor those essential employees we all depend upon and who work tirelessly for very little pay. These include: Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and School Teachers. We thank you for your service!

Gravity Fitness Gym Schedule 2023

View of the front of Gravity Fitness and Tennis buildingGym weight lifting, elliptical manchines, and aerobic equipment at Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey IdahoPectoral muscle weight training machineTriceps Dip exercise demonstration at Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey IdahoGym equipment at Gravity Fitness and TennisAbdominal crunch exercise machine at Gravity Fitness And TennisJoe is doing pulldowns at the 8 station machine at Gravity Fitness and Tennis