Air purification system makes Gravity Fitness and Tennis air quality the best of any gym in the area.

Who Has The Cleanest Local Gym?

Clean Air As A Solution
Especially In Places Where Lots Of People Congregate

by Oliver Whitcomb

SARS COVID-19 is an airborne disease. People contract it (and other types of bacteria, molds, viruses, harmful VOC’s, etc.) from the air. Surfaces can pass on diseases as well, but not to the same extent, and particularly in the case of SARS COVID-19. There are cost-effective, efficient ways of sanitizing indoor environments, to be as good as or better than outdoor air quality.

The key to all of this is addressing IAQ (indoor air quality), by utilizing PHI (photo hydro ionization). That technology is explained below. We’ve used this technology at Gravity Fitness & Tennis, (Zenergy, the Valley Club, and other small commercial spaces have also implemented this technology), and done
extensive testing on its efficacy since re-opening on June 1st, 2020. The most important testing we’ve done is to allow members to workout mask-free since day 1 of re-opening. We have implemented several other measures in conjunction with addressing IAQ, but we feel the PHI technology is the key. We’ve had thousands of check-ins a month since June 1, and no mention of anyone getting sick from working out at our facility.

Additionally, we hired Summit Environmental to do air and surface testing in high-traffic areas throughout the facility. Our air quality was stellar. In some cases, six- times less bacteria count than outside air. There has also been extensive testing done for one of the distributors Clean Science Solutions. A 3rd party out of California did extensive testing (available through a signed MBA). The New York MTA is going to put this technology in every bus and subway. Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco are considering doing the same. Sooner or later, IAQ will have to be addressed. Are we going to do it now, or kick the can down the road?

Summary of PHI Technology

Photohydroionization (PHI) is advanced oxidation technology that is proven to be over 99.94% effective at safely eliminating COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, VOCs, mold and odors within indoor environments.

PHI uses a broad-spectrum, high intensity UV light targeted on a proprietary quad-metallic surface to produce hydro-peroxides. Hydrogen Peroxide is considered the safest oxidizer available (after oxygen) and is widely used today in toothpaste, mouthwash, and household cleaners. Known as Mother Nature’s natural, enviro-friendly cleaning agent, hydroperoxides are responsible for the air smelling so clean after a thunderstorm.

PHI Brings The Outdoors In

We provide a proactive, aggressive method of indoor air and surface sanitation by killing microbes at the source, in the room before you come in contact with them. For over 17 years, PHI has been extensively and successfully employed across industries – healthcare, food processing, military, government, marine, hospitality, residential and commercial applications.

There are a range of solutions for different types of spaces, from free standing units for small spaces, to units that get installed within your HVAC system for spaces as big as skyscrapers. There is currently over 10 million sq. ft. with a number of different verticals all over the United States that have installed this technology.

Visit Gravity Fitness And Tennis

We invite you to visit Gravity Fitness and Tennis for a guided tour and see our clean gym for yourself. Our members tell us that Gravity Fitness and Tennis is the cleanest gym in Hailey, ID and throughout the Wood River Valley. Our gym is open to members 24 hours a day. Our reception desk is staffed Monday – Friday 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM and Saturdays 8:00 AM – Noon. Our address is 1970 Woodside Blvd, Hailey, ID 83333. If you need information call us at (208) 788-7669.

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