TribeFit group fitness class at Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey Idaho

Tribe FIT Team Training

Tribe FIT Team training at Gravity Fitness and Tennis

Team training is a new category within the fitness industry which fills the gap between high-cost personal training and group exercises classes and facilities that are free with membership.
It is a cost effective way for team members to join a small team (6-10 max) who train together at the same time two or three times a week for six week seasons. They are led by their team coach who remains the same coach throughout the season who get to know and understand each team members goal and motivation behind exercise.

Benefits Of TRIBE Team Training™

Team members will experience fun, belonging, support, reassurance and results all in a dynamic motivating environment. Each team will follow a pre-designed program in which the club owner chooses from six different programs designed to appeal to the clubs different market segments.

History has shown us that by working out together as a team we will gain far greater results than when we work out on our own. At TRIBE Team Training™ we specialize in developing the best Team Training programs in the World. We have six team training programs that are delivered by certified TRIBE coaches in six- week seasons with a week recovery before the next season begins.

TRIBE Team Training™ develops seven new seasons that are released every year.

All TRIBE Team Training™ programs are supported by:

  • Latest music
  • Coaching education
  • Certification
  • The best member care
  • Highly experienced members of the fitness industry

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