Rhythm And Flow exercise and dance class at Gravity Fitness And Tennis Hailey Idaho

Low Impact Exercise Dance Class – Like Zumba

Join Amber Morgan For Fitness Fun With Dance Exercise

If you like Zumba, you’ll love Amber’s Rhythm and Flow classes. Rhythm & Flow Dance Class are scheduled Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 AM. Now’s the time to get moving with Amber’s rhythmic dance exercise. Call (208) 788-7669 for information.

Rhythm & Flow Exercise Dance Class is a fitness class that combines dance and fitness exercise. Rhythm & Flow Exercise Dance Class uses a variety of styles and music tempos in the exercises for and excellent workout – and it’s lots of fun!

What Are The Benefits of Rhythm & Flow Dance Exercise?

  • Rhythm And Flow is fun. If you enjoy your exercise program, you will definitely keep coming back for more. Our class members tell us they have so much fun with Rhythm And Flow that they forget they are actually exercising.
  • Rhythm And Flow is excellent for weight loss; it’s a powerful exercise that can burn 600 to 1,000 calories in just one hour.
  • The Rhythm And Flow class tones your entire body by targeting several different muscle groups all at once for a total body toning session.
  • The dance exercise improves your heart health because you get aerobic benefits and anaerobic benefits helping you maintain your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • The class reduces stress by focusing your attention to dance and away from daily stressors. Your Rhythm and Flow class exercises are excellent for reducing fatigue while also boosting concentration plus improving your cognitive capabilities.
  • Rhythm and Flow will improve your coordination. With the dance exercise your arms and legs frequently moving in different directions and this does require coordination. By repeating the movements you will improve your coordination plus helping you feel more comfortable with your body movements.
  • The class helps you feel happy by releasing endorphins from exercise, which activates positive feelings in your brain and throughout your body.

Rhythm & Flow Exercise Dance Class Video

Watch this video to see Amber’s low impact dance + exercise class is both easy for beginners and has great music to make the class lots of fun.

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