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Amy Clifford Fitness Instructor At Gravity Fitness & Tennis

Amy Clifford fitness instructor at Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey Idaho

Amy Clifford Fitness Instructor

Fitness Professional At Gravity Fitness And Tennis

Amy is passionate about developing classes at Gravity that promote health, wellness and a deeper connection to community. With twenty years teaching experience, she has merged her talents in the healing and physical arts to create a format of training that is all encompassing and refreshing.

Whether it’s through Yoga, Dance Barre, or other classes, Amy instills the practice of proper breathing for enhanced oxygen levels, total body integration and ignition through sound and movement. With humor and compassion, she facilitates an opportunity to de-stress and re-boot. Promoting strength, flexibility, vitality and resiliency.

Amy teaches the Yoga and Dance Barre classes at Gravity Fitness And Tennis.