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Tennis Court Area Remodel Project

Gravity Fitness And Tennis is remodeling the tennis courts area. We are removing the old hut and adding an elevated viewing balcony. We are also moving the tennis court lines a few feet so there will be more room between the courts, allowing for better playing conditions.

Here’s Mats Wilander and the crew demolishing the old tennis hut inside the tennis courts area.

Gravity Fitness and Tennis is the largest and most modern permanent tennis facility in the Wood River Valley and Sun Valley area. Mats Wilander, former #1 World Ranking Tennis Professional is the head professional at Gravity Fitness And Tennis. Mat is a dedicated coach, working with professionals experienced amateur tennis players as well as beginners and kids.

In the summer, Mats teaches tennis at the Gravity Fitness And Tennis Kids’ Summer Camp. The camp provides a number of athletic activities for kids age 6 – 14. Our Kids’ Summer Camp activities will focus on improving the Mind and Body. We will organize kids into groups according to age and rotate the groups through the following activities: Stretching and Breathing, Strength Training, Cardio, Plyometrics, Tennis, Martial Arts, Archery, Contests/Games, Brain Reaction Time Training. We’ll have special Guest Instructors offering Bonus Activities. No two camp days will be the same and each week will be progressive from day 1 – 4.

More information is available at Tennis Courts At Gravity Fitness And Tennis.

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