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Joshua Latimer is one of the top personal trainers in Hailey Idaho

Joshua Latimer Personal Trainer

Who Is A Top Personal Trainer In Hailey Idaho? Joshua Latimer

Fitness Professional At Gravity Fitness And Tennis

Joshua is originally from Seattle, Washington where he played football, basketball, and lacrosse. Josh has an extensive background in team sports and he’s been through the ups and downs of successful sports career along with the injuries that come from long term athletic competition. He knows the limitation’s injuries may present, and how to work around them. Joshua earned his personal training certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Associating (NSCA) in 2017.

Top Personal Trainer

If you are asking, who is the top Personal Trainer in Hailey Idaho? We have the answer. Joshua Latimer is acknowledged as one of the top Personal Trainers in Hailey, ID and throughout the Wood River Valley. Whether you are located in Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley or any other area in the Wood River Valley, Josh Latimer is a top Personal Trainer.

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