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Gym workout area at Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey Idaho

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Our Goal

Gravity Fitness & Tennis is all about action. We focus on breath and movement as a way of promoting fitness. Our goal is to provide all ages and abilities with opportunities to train in a variety of ways that are affordable and promote better health.

Coronavirus Safe Gym

Gravity Fitness and Tennis has installed a state-of-the-art air purification system to remove mold, allergens, dust, bacteria and viruses from the air and surfaces. This purification system filters all areas within the facility including our gym weight room and functional fitness gym area. Additionally, we have rules in place to ensure safety for all members.

Everyone entering the center must remove their street shoes and change into athletic shoes in the outer entryway.
Members who wants to use the gym area must schedule their workout times through our scheduling app. This helps maintain optimum availability for everyone.
Practice social distancing of six feet between individuals.
Wipe down all equipment you will be using both before and after use.

State Of The Art Gym Equipment

We have state of the art equipment and instructors to support you and your fitness goals. Our gym is all inclusive, and our team is here to support those looking to improve their lives. From traditional gym workouts, to state of the art functional training, tennis, martial arts, and a variety of group exercise classes (aka GroupX), we know that Gravity Fitness & Tennis will make our community a better place. We are looking forward to moving and breathing with you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Gym

Question: What is the best exercise for cardio workout?

Answer: There is no one best exercise and what may be best for someone else would not be best for you. Our Tribe Team FIT training class provides a serious cardio workout. We also offer less stringent Cardio workouts in our Tribe CORE and Tribe LIFE fitness classes and our Group X group fitness classes. Every new member receives a Fitness Assessment when they enroll to determine what exercise path will work best for them.

Resources: Gravity Fitness and Tennis Athletic Club.

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