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Kettlebell Workout Exercises To Improve Strength

Resistance training one of the best activities for improving cardio, strength, and endurance at the same time. Kettlebells have become popular in fitness both the gym and home. They are simple and provide the body with a comprehensive workout that engages multiple joints and muscle groups simultaneously. The Gravity Fitness and Tennis gym has a wide variety of kettlebell weights in our Functional Fitness room.

What’s great about kettlebells is that no cumbersome gym weight machines are involved. They are perfect for functional movements and compound exercises that assist in strength and endurance similar to mountain climbing.

Most outdoor athletes spend extended periods under extensive muscle tension as they climb mountains, ski, climb, etc. The extreme burn to the legs during a skiing session requires proper prepping.

Kettlebells are excellent tools to prepare the body for the stresses it will experience during intense dynamic sports. However, even if they are used for getting into shape to feel better, many fitness enthusiasts say they are much more fun to work with than weight machines.

This Gravity Fitness and Tennis article will provide a glimpse of how kettlebells can be used to achieve effective workouts.

Effective Kettlebell Workout

This routine is highly effective when performed for strength building two to three times per week. The frequency can be decreased to one to two times per week to maintain the results. Regardless, the essential component is consistency.

Conditioning workouts to activate the cardiovascular system require higher reps with lighter loads while muscle enhancing workouts require heavier loads and fewer reps.

The workout begins with the first three exercises described below at three sets each. As the body gains strength, more exercises and a higher quantity of sets can be gradually added. A bit of trial and error is required to choose the initial ideal weight.

Form should never be compromised to complete a set. It is better to maintain good posture and steady breathing instead of overloading the body. It is best to try a lighter load or decrease the weight as the body gradually reaches a higher level.

The focus must be on mastering the technique not increasing the load. This method of training will ensure injuries don’t occur and maximum benefits are achieved. It is a great idea to work with a fitness professional at the beginning to establish good form and habits.

Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell Front Squat

This first move strengthens the glutes and quadriceps. It engages the upper back, shoulders, chest, core, arms, and core. It is a great whole-body exercise that gets the body prepped for many activities.

What to do:
Standing with the spine erect and the feet hip-width apart, the core is engaged to bring the body to a squat position. Using two kettlebells, move them in a forward swing motion behind the legs. The kettlebells swing up to shoulder height and with handles parallel to the sides of the body. Elbow remains close to the sides with wrists straight. The key is to control the knees and toes forward to avoid knee pain. The hip abductors must be strong to perform the exercise safely.

Russian Swing

For strengthening all posterior muscles of the body including glutes, spinal erectors, and hamstrings. It provides stability to the back and enhancing hip mobility.

What to do:
With a slight knee bent, toes facing forward, and feet wider than the shoulders, an overhand grip is used to reach down and grab the kettlebells. The weights swing behind the legs and then up to shoulder level in one swift motion. As the movement is reversed gravity takes over to get back to the starting position.

Turkish Get-Up

This whole-body exercise creates a functional movement and is considered one of the best if performed right.

What to do:
It starts by lying beside the right side of the kettlebell. With the right arm and underhand grip, the weight is pressed up until the right elbow is extended. Using the opposite arm and leg for support, the person sits up and lifts hips off the ground with the left leg kneeled as it lifts and enters a lunge position. The movements are then reversed. If you need help, ask one of the Personal Trainers at Gravity Fitness and Tennis in Hailey Idaho for assistance.

Farmer’s Walk

Enhances stability of core and hips while strengthening deltoids, traps, and core.

What to do:
With spine erect, arms straight, and weights on the sides in each hand without touching legs. Shoulders are pulled back and down while walking small steps forward.

Split Squat Double Kettlebell

For balance and stabilization while strengthening glutes and legs. It activates the core while performing the move.

What to do:
With two kettlebells at the rack position shoulder height, the spine is erect and core engaged. A step forward with one foot with hips sunk into a squat until the thigh is paralleled to the floor. Both legs push to stand up into the original position. The same leg is repeated to complete the set and the other leg is performed.

To make it more challenging a Bulgarian split squat can be performed with top of rear foot on bench.

Overhead Press

Strengthens traps, rhomboids, triceps, and deltoids.

What to do:
Clean weight at the rack position, feet hip-width apart, and shoulders back, the weight is pressed overhead until the arm is fully extended with palm forward. It is slowly returned to shoulder height at rack position. Set is finished with one arm then switched.

The Kayaker

As if in a kayak, the core, transverse abs, and obliques are engaged in a counter-rotational motion.

What to do:
Sitting with knees to 90 degrees, feet lift to rock back on sit bones. Both hands grip the kettlebell above the waist and to the side until it touches the floor taking turns switching sides while legs and hips remain still. Slow and controlled movements with an erect spine are key.

Kettlebells In The Gym At Gravity Fitness And Tennis

We have a large selection of Kettlebells, with multiple sets of small and medium weight kettlebells. Like dumbbells, kettlebells come in sets so you can work both sides of your body at the same time. If you have questions or need information, call us at (208) 788-7669 or come to Gravity Fitness and Tennis at 1970 Woodside Blvd Hailey ID 83333 for a guided tour.