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Does Gym Exercise Help Delay Aging?

Most people are still searching for the fountain of youth. The concept of getting older is quite unpleasant to most as it comes with a lot of uncertainty and unwanted side effects. From weakened muscles to creaky bones to low energy levels, many people are trying to find ways to avoid the dreaded aging process for the issues it brings with it. Unfortunately, Father Time is undefeated over the years. But there are ways to counter these issues, as some scientists are starting to believe that aging, to a certain extent, is optional. One method for slowing aging is to exercise at a gym, like Gravity Fitness and Tennis, on a regular schedule.

Evidence That Exercise Helps Slow Aging

Though the ultimate victory will always be won by aging, there is some evidence to suggest this process can be severely slowed. Some of it can be chalked up to increases in technology, allowing us to modify diets, routines, supplements, and equipment in order to improve youthful longevity. A lot if it comes with understanding, as the world is advancing to a more knowledgeable state then ever before. Science is helping us figure out what needs to be done to extend physical primes. When paired with increased technology, aging is seemingly becoming an optional process.

Evidence of this can be directly seen in some of the world’s most popular athletes, such as LeBron James. LeBron is an absolute exercise nut. The man is relentlessly dedicated to his body and maintaining a high level of athleticism. In his 18th year currently, LeBron is still the best basketball player on the planet and looks to be as physically dominant as he ever has. He hasn’t lost a step, which is confusing as no player has ever come close to this level of play at this age with the wear and tear he has on his body.

Another example of this can be seen in Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady. Though Brady has never been a talented athlete and has always lacked athleticism, he has found a way to extend his career into his early and mid forties. This, once again, is unprecedented as no quarterback has ever been able to play at the level he is playing at at this age.

Though most people do not have elite level athleticism to start with and a professional training routine, including a high-class home gym and supplement line like James and Brady, the level of play and athleticism they have displayed gives many hope that the aging process could indeed be optional.

How Can I Slow The Aging Process?

Though many supplements and at-home remedies may find ways to help slow this process, the best way to prevent aging is through exercise. This is a fundamental part of life and will help preserve one’s health and youth for a longer period of time. Staying fit can be difficult, as many challenges arise the older one gets. But putting a concentrated effort into improving and maintaining one’s fitness will allow one to extend their physical prime long into their older years.

The physical wear and tear on a body over time can be immense. When someone is young and still growing, development is at its peak. The body is getting stronger and growing, allowing for easier repair of damaged and tired muscles and joints. It’s easier to bounce back and get back up. But as one ages and gets a little older, the body does not recover the same way it once did. Metabolism will slow, making diet and eating much more important, as the body will burn off excess calories and fat at a slower rate. Joints may become more creaky, hurting when forced to exercise or move. The consistent pressure and weight on these bones and muscles over the years really deteriorates the body and can make it extremely difficult to maintain a healthy fitness. This aspect of aging is the most daunting and is seemingly the hardest to overcome.

The easiest way to help prevent these declines in physicality and prevent aging is to get in the gym, or at least maintain a high level of activity. And though many people may not have the means to go to a professional gym every single day, there are plenty of ways to stay active. A large variety of workout equipment is available for purchase in stores, online, and at used retailers. Many of the options are relatively cheap, allowing for an easy start to an at-home workout routine. Another way to help prevent the aging process is to make sure every single part of the body is being worked, not just somewhere that needs a concerted effort.

Though focusing on one area may lead to quicker visual improvement of muscle strength, the neglection of work on other areas will weaken the muscles and could cause more damage over time. This also should include the brain, as maintaining high mental activity will improve mental health quality. A smart way to incorporate brain activity is to do puzzle or other brain teasers, as well as simply getting away from one’s typical schedule and doing some different activities.

When physically training to make aging optional, it is important to incorporate both aspects of cardio and muscle training. Both have unique advantages in the body when done properly, so it is important to make sure both are incorporated into a workout routine. Cardio is known to help improve heart quality and is a great way to get a high level of energy out. Muscle training will not only help to improve physical appearance, but will also work to make the body more capable over time. Maintaining activity also releases endorphins which can help rid the body of pain and stress, which will help improve mental health quality which is another way to help prevent aging.

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