Gravity Fitness And Tennis Phase 1 Re-Opening Information

Gravity Fitness And Tennis Athletic Center located in Hailey Idaho serving Hailey, Ketchum, Sun Valley, Wood River Valley, and Blaine County


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Phase I Opening – May 18th, 2020

May 6, 2020

Dear Gravity Members,

I hope you are in good health and spirits. It has been a while since we have reached out to you. We have been busy doing all things necessary for getting Gravity back up and running. We closed the gym on March 15, and are happy to announce our two phases of re-opening starting May 18th! Please read this letter carefully, as there is important information regarding opening Gravity Fitness & Tennis back up.

We will be executing a soft opening on Monday, May 18th. This is in compliance with Governor Little’s phases of re-opening the state of Idaho. We have executed our previously outlined sanitization protocols and feel ready to begin certain activities for the second half of May:

1. People allowed to use the gym are the following:

  1. Copper Ranch Residents
  2. Police Officers, Sheriff, and First Responders
  3. Health Care Workers
  4. Employees of Gravity Fitness & Tennis
  5. Members who are paying for privates and/or personal training
  6. Child Care (please read specifics on child care below)

2. Activities allowed to take place at Gravity

  1. Tennis (only if scheduled on Mind Body App or in the form of private lessons)
  2. Personal Training
  3. Private Lessons
  4. Adult martial arts classes
  5. Gym and Functional Training Room for groups listed above

This Phase I will allow us to get a feel for our new protocols designed to keep everyone safe, and give our staff time to implement these protocols, as well as give our true heroes in our community a chance to work out!

Phase II Opening

If all goes well in our community keeping the COVID-19 infections down, and we feel good about how our new protocols are working, we will fully open the gym on June 1, 2020. We are excited and have worked extremely hard to get to this point. We appreciate your patience, and want you to know that we have put a lot of time, money, and energy into getting to this phase. We feel you will be pleased with all we have done to improve the club. We have created an environment that is as safe as possible for you to enjoy your training. We cannot wait to get you all back in there!

Guidelines for Using Gravity in Either Phase

  1. Members must us Mind Body App to sign up for any and all activities
  2. Members must bring clean training shoes and change shoes in cold entry area upon entering the club
  3. Members must activate their membership by coming to the club in person and signing a new waiver from 6-11 am or 4-9 pm Monday – Friday
  4. Members must abide by all social distancing requirements while using the gym, taking classes, or enjoying any other activities at Gravity Fitness And Tennis
  5. 24-hour access will be allowed, if all protocols are adhered to. We will be checking video cameras daily, and any misuse of this privilege will result in us revoking your 24-hour access

Child Care

  1. Child care hours will be Monday – Thursday 8-12 am and 2-6 pm
  2. There will be a maximum capacity of eight (8) children per time slot
  3. We are allotting one-hour time slots per family
  4. Children over two years old will be required to wear masks. You can bring your own mask, as long as it is a proper mask, or purchase them from us at Gravity. For regular attendees, we will sanitize all masks with H202 spray and you will have the option to leave your child’s mask at the club.
  5. Pricing will stay the same

Face Mask Policy

Due to the installation of our Clean Science Solutions H202/ionizing filters that were placed in every duct in the club, as well as our implementation of proper social distancing at Gravity, we are not requiring face masks for:

  • Members of the club who are working out
  • Personal Trainers, Tennis Coaches, Group X Instructors, and Martial Arts Instructors

The following will be required to wear masks at Gravity at all times:

  • Gravity Employees
  • Child Care Employees, and kids older than two (2) years of age

We ask those of you who choose not to wear masks while working out at Gravity to follow proper social distancing protocols, and show an overall awareness of your space as it relates to the people around you. If we are disciplined and make the new etiquettes put into place part of our training routines and habits, the gym will have a better chance of staying open.

When To Stay Home And NOT Use Gravity Fitness And Tennis Facilities

We shouldn’t have to say this, but please stay away from Gravity Fitness And Tennis if you have any symptoms that would relate towards getting sick. Only come if you feel healthy please!

Mind Body App

All activities at Gravity Fitness & Tennis must be scheduled through our branded App prior to coming to the gym. There is a maximum capacity for everything in the gym so that we can keep people spread out. Luckily, we have a huge gym with lots of space, so I don’t see a problem scheduling what you want. There will be a time limit on how far in advance you can schedule an activity which is two weeks (14 days). The following are max capacities for the various spaces in our gym:

  • Gym (including main gym and Functional Training Room (30)
  • Functional Training Room for classes (20)
  • Group X Room (10)
  • Zen Den or yoga room (8)
  • Do Jang or martial arts room (15)
  • Child Care (8)
  • Tennis (4 people maximum per court)

Below, please find hyperlinks to download our App so you can schedule your activities at the gym:

Link to Mind Body App:

Apple link for app: Apple Scheduling App

Android link: Android Scheduling App

Members with one (1) Year Contracts

All members who purchased our amazing membership deals by signing on for one year, upon coming back to the gym and re-activating your memberships:

  • Will get a two-month extension to their annual contracts
  • Will receive a credit for any money paid during our closure to your contract

Scheduling Personal Training and Privates

  • Mats Wilander – Tennis (208) 471-0455
  • Joshua Latimer – Strength Training/PT (208) 559-2215
  • Linda Schulz – Strength Training/PT (208) 720-8901
  • Amy Clifford – Yoga, Sound Meditation, Dance Barr, Low Impact Functional Training (208) 720-5085
  • Oliver Whitcomb – Martial Arts, stretching, functional training, injury prevention and rehab (208) 720-6088

We look forward to re-opening Gravity Fitness & Tennis. If we all do our part, it will be the cleanest and most disciplined gym to support all your training and exercise needs, and most importantly, we will be able to stay open! As always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Oliver Whitcomb