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Kids’ Martial Arts Classes!

Classes Starting January 6th

Call (208) 788-7669 for more information

About The Classes

Students will learn the traditional art of Soo Bahk Do (Korean Karate). Students will develop discipline, respect, eye focus, flexibility, strength & coordination, proper movement, and breathing skills. The classes will give students a foundation in martial arts training, as well as all around movement, and will improve all other athletics pursued in their life.

Your Instructor – Oliver Whitcomb

Oliver Whitcomb is a Nationally Certified Soo Bahk Do instructor, who’s been teaching Martial Arts in the Wood River Valley since 1996. He also teaches modified martial arts to children and adults with cognitive disabilities in the Wood River Valley since 2003. Oliver has worked in many school systems teaching introductory martial arts classes as a tool for bringing discipline, focus and exercise into the class room, as well as promoting conflict resolution.


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Front view of the Gravity Fitness and Tennis fitness center in Hailey ID

The Gym

Tennis class at Gravity Fitness and Tennis with Mats Wilander


Martial arts class at Gravity Fitness and Tennis with instructor Oliver Whitcomb

Martial Arts

Tribe Team Training group fitness class at Gravity Fitness And Tennis in Hailey ID

Tribe Team


Kids rolling weighted balls during kids exercise class at Gravity Fitness and Tennis

Kids Programs

High intensity interval training class at Gravity Fitness and Training